I am SO excited + nervous to link arms in my DITCH THE SUGAR Bootcamp! If you know me, you know I LOVE cookies hence the headband ;) But every now + then I love to detox to clear up my face, feel more energetic + clear the mind fog.

For NO COST at all, I am running a 7-day group focused on:
-ditching sugar
-personal development
-daily workouts
-balanced + proper nutrition
-building a routine that works for your lifestyle
-daily devotionals

Becoming a full-time virtual health & wellness coach has given me the GIFT of helping others live a life sown with strength (mentally, physically + spiritually). I am so pumped to get in the trenches together + share my tips, tricks, and resources with you...at no cost!!

Please fill out this form if you are interested in joining! We start August 28th! 

*Must not currently be working with a coach!
*Only for member NEW to Beachbody!
*US, Canada + UK residents ONLY!

Courtney Duinker
CEO of Sown with Strength
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This is so me <3 you wouldn't be alone if you do.
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